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At Rivercrest Farm we provide our customers with healthy great tasting USDA inspected beef and poultry raised in a humane and sustainable natural environment free of added growth hormones, steroids and antibiotics. We strive for consistency of outcome in every phase of our production process.

We believe that production methods should strike a balance between quality of outcome and the sustainability of the practice. We continually strive to produce the best tasting beef, chicken and eggs possible but not at an unsustainable cost to the environment in which they're raised or the ethical treatment of the animals produced.

We're not mass producers trying to supply major chain outlets. Our goal is to satisfy a limited number of discriminating customers that want healthy, consistent high quality, great tasting products produced in a humane and sustainable way!

You won't find any of our products earning frequent flyer miles or travel awards either. We source as many of our feed supplies from local producers (both farmers and feed mills). Our feeding and processing (all at USDA inspected plant) is all done right here in this part of Kentucky eliminating the expense and environmentally damaging need to ship animals half way across the country to be fed and processed just to be shipped back to Kentucky to be marketed.

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