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    What Does Free Range Mean?

    At Rivercrest Farm "free range" refers to chickens that are allowed to range freely outdoors on "pasture" where they can eat whatever grass, seeds, insects and worms they choose. This results in more nutritious eggs and meat for consumers, and more healthy, humane conditions for the birds. Some producers abuse this term and label their eggs as "free range" when in fact all they have done is open a door to allow their chickens to range in an outdoor area of bare dirt or concrete, with no pasture in sight.

    The USDA isn't helping consumers learn the truth, either: "Allowed access to the outside" is how the USDA defines "free-range." This inadequate definition means that producers can, and do, label their eggs or chickens as "free-range" even if all they do is leave little doors open on their giant sheds, regardless of whether the birds ever learn to go outside, and regardless of whether there is good pasture or just bare dirt or concrete outside those doors!

    At Rivercrest Farm we use a modified system that involves keeping our broiler chickens safe from predators by confining them in pens (without bottoms) or inside electric fencing, and moving the pens frequently (twice a day) onto fresh pasture. Our layer flock has unfettered access to the outdoors all day long and is confined at night after they return to their roost for protection against nocturnal predators.

    Thus, pastured birds may be true free-range or penned, but either system is correctly referred to as "pastured." And either system is a better choice than products that come from industrial factory farm conditions. Rivercrest Farm eggs and chicken are produced under true "pastured - free-range" conditions.

    All Natural

    Just like our beef, at Rivercrest Farm our poultry is produced naturally. It's free of antibiotics and added growth hormones. Over half of the antibiotics fed to mass-produced farm animals including chickens are identical to the ones administered to humans. As has been well publicized in the media, overuse of such antibiotics can lead to strains of bacteria resistance to the antibiotic, opening doors wider to the potential for human health problems and disease.

    Our broiler chickens are fed a specially prepared mix of locally raised grains and natural supplements that promote good health.

    Order Information

    Broiler chickens -
        Whole $4.29/lb.
        Split Half $4.89/lb.
        Chicken Liver $3.99/lb.

      Whole birds w/neck in cavity are vacuum packed in heavy plastic ready for freezing. Weights will vary but generally average approximately 3.5/4lbs. each. All birds are processed at USDA inspected facilities.

      Spit Half chickens are just that, a whole chicken that has been cut in half. Each half is then individually vacuum packed.

      Liver is package in 1lb. packs

      Like most frozen food products it is best to consume our broiler chickens within 6 to 9 months of purchase but chicken packaged in this manor will last in your freezer for approximately 1 year or longer without significant freezer burn or drying provided package seals have not been broken. (Always observe safe handling practices when working with any raw meat product.)

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