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At Rivercrest Farm our mission is to raise beef cattle and poultry that satisfy certain consumer demands for consistently good tasting, healthy, and age and source verified products. We raise our animals without the use of added hormones and antibiotic feed additives and we engage in non-intensive and humane farming production practices.

Our goal is to maximize sustainability in all our practices in order to promote good stewardship of our pasture, water and wildlife resources while simultaneously reducing the need for extraneous inputs like feed supplements, fertilizer and herbicides. We also strive to source as much of our feed from local producers as often as possible.

We believe that every step of breeding, care, feeding and health is crucial to producing only the finest beef and poultry products. The importance that we place on each step gives our products a high level of consistency from year to year. So you can rely on getting the very best Rivercrest Farm has to offer from one order to the next.

Availability is limited though. Unlike larger "factory type" producers, part of our process of producing superior products allows only a limited number of animals that our farm can comfortably sustain. We wouldn't want you to miss out, so please secure your supply by sending in your order and deposit today. We'll confirm your order and verify its estimated availability date within 24 hours.

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